Our Projects

  • The new Lungi Financial City

Our Role

The Office of the Presidential Infrastructure Initiative (OPII) was created in 2018 to be the Government’s centre of expertise and to lead transformational infrastructure development in Sierra Leone.

We are modernising and streamlining the way that infrastructure is planned, procured, delivered, managed and maintained in Sierra Leone. Our approach to infrastructural development recognises the need for effective private sector participation, integrated development, shortened implementation cycles, reduced cost and implementation challenges and builds the technological expertise and skills of Sierra Leoneans.

Our work includes meeting our transformational infrastructure development needs, the coordination of infrastructure development across all sectors, enabling cost-effective, functional and efficiently maintained infrastructure, as well as making our infrastructure facilities, systems and services, including our streets and highways, safe and accessible to all. 

The projects we undertake will be governed by three principles:

  • Integrated infrastructure development
  • Financial structuring and bankability
  • Cost recovery and effective private sector participation

Integrated Infrastructure Development: 

Energy, transport, water and other infrastructure projects essential to development, have traditionally been planned and implemented in silos, driven by individual sectoral needs and demands with little or no consideration for their interdependencies with other sectors.

For example, road construction in Sierra Leone has overlooked the necessary inclusion of other services along the road alignment, like energy (transmission lines), water (pipelines), ICT (optic fibre), industrialisation (manufacturing plants), education (schools and higher academic institutions) or agriculture development for that matter. This has limited and grossly compromised the development value of the infrastructure facility, system or service implemented, despite the expenditure of billions of dollars.

OPII will provide an integrated approach to infrastructure development that will address all sectors on a holistic basis and maximise the utility of the facility constructed and its developmental and environmental impact.

Financial Structuring and Bankability:

Competing demands on public sector spending, mean that governments across the world are meeting the challenge of delivering large-scale infrastructure needs through innovative financing models and the involvement of the private sector. At OPII we will structure a pipeline of well-planned bankable, investment-ready projects that are attractive to the private sector. This will allow us to mobilise FDI and the private sector in urgent infrastructure development in Sierra Leone, which can be implemented off the Government’s balance sheet with no Government guarantees.

Cost Recovery and Effective Private Sector Participation:

To justify their investment, investors require projects that are likely to enable them to recover their investment and earn a reasonable return. In addition to identifying and attracting project finance, our work at OPII will be to frame Sierra Leone’s infrastructure projects to maximise their ability to be implemented on a cost recovery basis. The projects should pay for themselves, provide value for money and allow investors to effectively manage their risks by predicting future revenues. This will be achieved by using innovative financial and project modelling, as well as using non-traditional financial models. We believe this approach will effectively attract the private sector.


Our Mandate

The Office of Presidential Infrastructure Initiative (OPII) was established in June 2018, by His Excellency, Rtd. Brigadier Dr. Julius Maada Wonie Bio, President of the Republic of Sierra Leone to plan, design and implement strategic and priority infrastructure projects which have the potential to accelerate growth, make a significant, observable impact on the economic performance of our country, and are underpinned by sustainable job creation, skills development and regional or nationwide industrialisation.

Our Vision

To transform Sierra Leone through integrated infrastructure development.

Our Objectives

To become the Government’s centre of excellence providing data-driven leadership, coordination and capability to support the successful and cost-effective delivery of transformative, publicly owned infrastructure project

  1. To lead and coordinate the government’s collaborative efforts to improve value for money of national infrastructure projects.
  2. To build our national capability to accurately, effectively and efficiently monitor the delivery of the government’s infrastructure projects.
  3. To create a sustainable organisation with the values, capacity and capability to deliver effective services for the benefit of all Sierra Leoneans.