Our Team

Princess Massaquoi
Public Outreach Specialist

Princess Mamie Massaquoi, Public Outreach Specialist

Princess Massaquoi has a BA in Philosophy and Political Science from the University of Sierra Leone. Prior to joining OPII, she worked for the Campaign for Good Governance on projects to improve public service delivery through citizen-led accountability, promote the participation of women in politics and improve voter participation. She has extensive experience in community engagement, customer relations and stakeholder engagement in Sierra Leone.

Dr. Albert Forde, Traffic and Transportation Engineer

Within OPII, Dr. Forde brings practical experience and theoretical knowledge to the area of transportation planning and traffic engineering. He holds a PhD in Transportation from New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), USA and prior to joining OPII, he worked as a Transportation Engineer and Planner at the New Jersey Department of Transportation. He also worked as a Transportation Engineer/Researcher at the Intelligent Transportation Resource Centre at NJIT. Dr. Forde has experience designing and analysing traffic signal timing plans and modelling the performance of traffic using computer simulation. His work and research interests focus on managing the growth of transport and traffic systems which balance community, regional and national social, economic and environmental needs.

Dr Albert Forde
Traffic and Transportation Engineer

Ing. Tejan Abdul-Tejan
Engineering Design & Project Management Engineer

Ing. Tejan Abdul-Tejan, Engineering Design & Project Management Engineer

Tejan Abdul-Tejan is a Six Sigma black belt, with a B.ENG from the University of Sierra Leone, an MBA from the University of Cumbria and a Postgraduate Diploma in Operations Management. He has 10 years of experience, gained primarily in the mining industry. As Mechanical and Maintenance Engineer at Sierra Rutile, he was in charge of the maintenance and operation of the then-largest power plant in the country (28MW capacity) and was recruited onto the prestigious, fast track High Potential Employee scheme. In 2014, he joined African Minerals Ltd (AML) as Senior Asset and Reliability Engineer, covering both the port and mining operations. Other positions he held at AML, included Integrated Planning Engineer, Business Development Specialist, Project Manager for a train derailment recovery and track reconstruction project and Logistics and Maintenance Superintendent – where he was in charge of the equipment for the Tonkolili Mine-site.

Ing. Monica Kadiatu Sellu, Civil Engineer

Monica Sellu has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Sierra Leone and a Masters in Water and Wastewater Engineering from Cranfield University. She has over seven years of professional experience in the field of engineering, specialising in road construction, building construction and wastewater engineering. Before joining OPII, she worked with Reali Badar and Associate Ltd, a Sierra Leonean construction company, as Supervising Engineer on the construction of several rural roads and associate structures, prior to which she worked with Guma Valley Water Company in a range of roles including Area Engineer, Planning and Development Engineer and Acting Transmission and Distribution Manager.

Ing. Monica Sellu
Civil Engineer